Places to visit in Europe
Lunch and drinks along the Ill river in Strasburg

Great places to visit and to stay

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  • Canauxrama - river cruises in Paris. Seine Ourcq.
    Canauxrama welcomes you on board. Traveling along the river, you will discover in a few hours or one day, the entire charms of Paris. Do not hesitate to navigate the Seine, the Marne or even St-Martin’s Canal and appreciate the beauty and richness of Paris architecture.
  • Eurostar arrival in Paris at Gare du Nord station
    Gare du Nord is the train station and terminal for Eurostar trains on the line London - Paris and Brussels - Paris.
  • Place de la Concorde
    The Place de la Concorde is the biggest square in Paris.
  • The Eiffel Tower
    Planning a visit to Paris and want to know when was the Eiffel Tower built? The Eiffel tower in Paris was inaugurated on 31 March 1889. It was the keystone of the Universal Exposition celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the French Revolution.
  • Les Etoiles du Rex
    The Grand Rex, the biggest cinema in Europe with a seating capacity of 2,750, has projected films for more than one million spectators for over half a century. This is why it created "The Stars of the Grand Rex" an unusual tour behind the scenes of the cinema. The Grand Rex has an Art Deco facade, a starry vault and a Baroque decor which makes it a unique and exceptional cinema.
  • The Grevin Museum
    The Grevin Museum is a temple devoted to the glory of history and all that is strange, spectacular and sensational, in a setting dominated by gold and marble. It moved into one of the famous Grand Boulevards of Paris over a hundred years ago, and ever since it has immortalized leading personalities of the world and key scenes from history. This outing is unusual, picturesque, amusing and full of surprises.
  • Paris-Story
    Paris-Story is a show and exhibition which brings back to life the history of Paris and its monuments. It is an audiovisual stroll through the centuries to rediscover Paris in an entertaining and easy way.In 1993, Paris Story won the Grand Prix for Innovation in Cultural Tourism, which is awarded every year for an outstanding achievement, among the 150 projects submitted from all over France.

Alsace history and wine region

  • La Vancelle a lovely and secluded Alsatian village
    The lovely village of La Vancelle is the perfect place to stay for your headquarters in Alsace. A strategic location right in the middle of Alsace (exactly on the limit between the 2 Alsatian counties (Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin) less than 10 minutes away from the famous Alsace wine route and the winegrowers villages, 20 minutes away from Colmar and 35 minutes from Strasbourg!
  • Alsace Wine Route
    The Alsace Wine Route is one of the most spectacular wine route in France. The Alsace Wine Route is famous all over the world for the exceptional natural beauty of its scenery (mountains, vineyards and old traditional colourful villages) and the high quality of the Alsace wines.
  • Riquewihr in Alsace a stunning medieval village
    Riquewihr is the jewel in the Alsatian crown - famous for the Riesling and other great wines produced here - and looks today exactly as it did in the 16th Century.


  • Buy a home in Brittany
    Brittany is close to the United Kingdom. Apart from the seashore, still some bargains available.
  • Le Radome, Museum of Telecommunications
    With more than 100000 visitors welcomed each year, the Telecommunications museum of Pleumeur-Bodou is classed as one of the best sites of the Cotes d'Armor which cannot be overlooked. Opened in 1991, it is the only national telecommunications museum entirely realized and implemented by France Telecom. A strange place where past, present and future are brought together with a bonus a fascinating show just at the foot the giant white radar dome.

Champagne region for wine and shopping

  • Champagne wine route from Charly to Epernay
    The Champagne vineyards start 70 kilometers east of Paris in Saacy sur Marne, along the river Marne. The area is a perfect start and base to visit and tour this Marne valley Champagne wine route.

French Riviera - Cote d'Azur

  • Buy a property on the French Riviera
    Moving on the French Riviera is a dream for many. Buying or renting a house or an apartment on the French Riviera, from St-Tropez to Menton through Cannes, Nice and Villefranche-sur-Mer. What about real estate, housing prices and options?
  • Menton on the French Riviera
    Menton on the French Riviera is famous for its mild climate and for the Lemon Festival (Fête du Citron)
  • Villefranche sur Mer on the French Riviera
    Villefranche-sur-Mer is located on the French Riviera in an idyllic setting, between Nice and Monaco, bordering the Mediterranean Sea. It is a resort and residence, which is among the most popular on the French Riviera.

Ile de France - the Paris region

  • Provins, Medieval City - World Heritage
    Provins, an impressive medieval city in Champagne. Provins, protected within its massive defence walls is a World Heritage site.
  • France Miniature
    France Miniature visitors will feel like Gulliver in the land of Lilliput. In just one glance, they will discover the finest jewels of the architectural and historical heritage of France. The France Miniature Park is in the shape of a relief map of France, spread over an area of 5 hectares. It is animated by planes, trains, ships and cars. Certain monuments are illustrated by a sound track and music. In short, it is an entire country on a reduced scale, making it a lively lesson in geography.


  • Buy a home in Limousin
    Limousin, in the heart of France, is a region where you will still find interesting houses at an excellent value for money.

Mont St Michel and its bay

  • Mont St Michel in Normandy France
    Mont St Michel in Normandy is certainly one of the most important sites to visit in France. The story of the Mont St Michel is made of powerful symbols: the spectacular nature of its architecture overlooking an impressive bay and dangerous seas are the alchemy of a true fascination.

Normandy - sea history and gastronomy

  • Honfleur a romantic old city in Normandy
    Honfleur, famous small town in Normandy is absolutely charming. You will fall in love with Honfleur and its lovely sea port. The old streets, museums, historical and religious monuments and of course many restaurants are awaiting you in Honfleur!

Other French regions

  • Sancerre wines from the Loire valley
    The vineyards of Sancerre dominate the Loire Valley in front of Cosne sur Loire. Very localized, Sancerre covers only a few villages among which Sancerre and Chavignol and are best known. The Sancerre region produces an excellent white wine but also an amazing red wine to be discovered.
  • Le circuit de la Faïence de Sarreguemines
    The Sarreguemines Faience Trail invites the visitor to learn all about one of the most highly appreciated faience productions in the world. The sites can be reached by all types of vehicles but walking (about 3 km) is still the best way to explore it... From the Moulin de la Blies, the very new Museum of Faience Techniques, a path runs along the banks of the Blies and the Sarre. This walk retraces two centuries of savoir-faire and talent... Special guided tours fitting to the school curriculum are proposed for students and pupils.
  • La Cuivrerie de Cerdon, Ain - Rhône Alpes
    The Brassery of Cerdon (Cuivrerie de Cerdon), situated in the French department of Ain, is made up of a hereditary craft and is an industry unique in France ; unique by its ancestral character, the methods and techniques used and by the history of the profession.


More about Monaco



    • Jason's Trip - traditional canal boats
      To visit Little Venice, on the Regents Canal, is to find yourself at the heart of London's waterways. Working canal boats, originally horsedrawn, used to transport coal, timber, oil and refuse. Today Jason's traditional canal boats operate guided historical cruises along the canal, from Little Venice through Regents Park to busy Camden Lock Craft Market.
    • City Cruises - cruises on the river Thames, London
      City Cruises — operator of passenger services on the River Thames — carries some 750,000 people annually on its extensive sightseeing, ferry, entertainment and charter services. City Cruises has years of experience hosting important functions of all kinds. Christmas and Birthday celebrations to Corporate dinners and weddings, the vessels, menus and staff make every occasion perfect.
    • Madame Tussaud's
      Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum starts with the story of Marie Grosholtz, born in Strasbourg in 1761. Her mother worked as a governess for a Dr Curtins, who made anatomical wax models. From her earliest childhood, Marie learnt modelling techniques with Dr Curtins.
    • Thames Cruises - river cruises in London
      With Thames Cruises enjoy London's most comprehensive sightseeing cruise, with a full guide commentary and refreshments from the bar on board.
    • Eurostar - A Paris to London journey
      Experience a train journey from Paris to London aboard the Eurostar high speed train.
    • Eurostar to Paris from St Pancras
      The Eurostar to Paris or Brussels departs from the St Pancras station in London. Discover the new Eurostar international train station in London!

    South East England

    • Dover to Boulogne by Speedferries
      Dover to Boulogne: Cross the English Channel with Speedferries. Quick and cheap!
    • Cross the English Channel by car using the Shuttle
      Crossing the Channel Tunnel by car with the Eurotunnel Shuttle, it is convenient and easy. Hints and tips to travel from England to France through the Channel Tunnel with your car.
    • The Canterbury Tales
      To visit the Canterbury Tales, one of the most popular tourist attractions in England, is to enter Medieval England through scenes and stories which will delight all lovers of Old England. Stop off at the colourful inns, and cross the busy streets in the company of Chaucer’s pilgrims on their way to Canterbury where they were going to meditate at the tomb of Thomas à Becket.

    Oxford, Bath and Southern England

    • The Cotswolds romantic towns and villages
      The Cotswolds region is undoubtedly a charming destination for all lovers of beautiful Britain. There are hundreds of romantic towns and villages in the Cotswolds. The churches and streets of some small cities show how the region was prosperous at the time of sheep ranching and wool trade. Guidelines about the most beautiful villages of the Cotswolds.



    • Dublinia
      Dublinia, the Medieval heritage centre located beside Christ Church Cathedral, tells the story of the development of Dublin from the arrival of Strongbow and his Anglo-Norman knights in the 12th century to the era of Henry VIII in the 16th century.
    • Dublin's Viking Adventure
      Dublin's Viking Adventure Dyflin, the former Viking village, built one thousand years ago, laid the foundations for Dublin as we know it today.
    • The James Joyce Centre
      The James Joyce Centre, who is regarded as the greatest, and certainly the most influential, writer of the 20th century, wrote about Dublin and nowhere else but Dublin.
    • The Irish National Heritage Park
      The Irish National Heritage Park Ireland, more than any European country, is dotted with material reminders of its past inhabitants.

    The Shannon Region

    • Adare
      The lovely stone buildings of Adare, just 15 kilometres south of Limerick City, make it one of the prettiest villages in Ireland.
    • Aillwee Cave
      One of the largest accessible caves in Ireland, Aillwee contains showcase examples of columns, stalactites, straws, stalagmites and flowstones, as well as underground rivers and thunderous waterfalls.
    • Birr Castle and Demesne
      Birr Castle and Demesne In the 1840s, the Third Earl of Rosse, owner of Birr Castle, constructed the biggest telescope then built, making the small midland town of Birr the astronomical centre of the world.
    • Bunratty Castle
      Bunratty Castle One of the finest surviving examples of a Irish tower house, it is hard to believe that the castle has had a bloody and violent history.
    • Clonmacnois
      Clonmacnois I will never forget that place in which we stopped for a short time in the early hours of Sunday, 30th September..... So wrote Pope John Paul on his return to Rome from Ireland in 1979 after a visit to this ruined monastic city, built on an esker or natural gravel ridge, and situated on a bend in the River Shannon.
    • Crag Cave
      To understand the origin and growth of Crag Cave one must go back about 400 million years in geological time to when the earth was moving and forming all sorts of shapes and textures, and carboniferous limestone, essential for the formation of caves, was being laid down in the seabed.
    • Kerry the Kingdom
      Kerry the Kingdom in Tralee recounts 8,000 years of Irish and Kerry history.
    • Craggaunowen
      Craggaunowen, set in the grounds of a tower house on twenty hectares of wooded land, has authentic reconstructed replicas of prehistoric and pre-Christian dwellings.
    • Jeanie Johnston
      Jeanie Johnston A life-size replica of the Jeanie Johnston, a triple-masted barque, is being constructed at a special visitor-friendly shipyard in the historic village of Blennerville, near Tralee.
    • West Offaly Railway
      West Offaly Railway 12,000 years ago, the Blackwater Bog was covered by a glacier. It subsequently became a lake, a fen, and finally the bog as we know it today.
    • Monastic Roscrea
      Monastic Roscrea The Midlands of Ireland may rightly claim to have played a major role in the Christianisation of Europe. So many monasteries with scriptoria, and metal and stone workshops flourished here that the region has been aptly called "The Monastic Midlands.
    • Foynes
      Foynes Once the centre of the world of aviation, Foynes is now a major seaport situated on the Shannon estuary.
    • King John's Castle
      King John's Castle stands on King's Island, dominating the Medieval quarter of Limerick City. It was built to protect the river crossing just above the Shannon estuary as part of a strategy to control Ireland.
    • The Hunt Museum
      The Hunt Museum contains exhibits dating from the Stone Age right up to the 20th Century.
    • The burren
      The Burren The Boireann, or rock land, is a national park, covering 500-square kms of bare limestone slabs, known as pavements, in the north of County Clare.
    • Kilrush
      Kilrush Irish landlords played an important role in the planning and development of estate towns such as Kilrush, a town which grew and flourished under the auspices of the Vandeleur family in the 18th and 19th centuries.


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